1st Eight Hours- Basic Pistol –
– Safety
– Pistol Mechanisms & Operations
– Building Pistol Shooting Skills
– Pistol Maintenance, Selection & Use
– Special section on Holsters

2nd Eight Hours – Illinois Laws and Qualifications
– Intro to Firearms (Safety Review)
– Illinois FOID Law
– Transportation Laws
– Federal Law
– Illinois Carry Law
– Officer Interaction
– Justifiable Use of Force/Disparity of Force
– Holster Draw (Dryfire Only)

Provided for Class: All training material, use of holsters for practice, use of firearms and ammo for qualifications, Florida CCW permit application packet, assistance applying for both Illinois & FL permit

NOT provided in the cost of the class:
Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Fee – $151-$153.53 for 5 yr permit,
Digital Fingerprints for Illinois (OPTIONAL) – $43-$65
Florida Concealed Carry Permit Fee – $112 for 7 yr permit

Defensive Pistol 1

This course is a 1-day firearms training course focuses on development of basic shooting fundamentals and combat gun-handling skills with the semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

This course covers:
– Fundamentals of real-world shooting
– Body posture, grip, and combat distance marksmanship
– Drawing from a holster
– Reloading
– Handling Malfunctions
– Target Transition
– Engaging multiple targets

Prerequisite: NRA Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry Permit or Class certificate. Students will be required to demonstrate the ability to load, unload and safely handle their firearm at the opening of the course.

Required Equipment:
A reliable handgun, either semi-auto or revolver
Retention Holster (Belt or Paddle)
(No Cross Draw, Appendix Carry, or Shoulder Holster No Serpa holsters)
A belt or paddle magazine/speed-loader pouch
3 or more magazines or speed-loaders
Sturdy belt
At LEAST 300 rounds of ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection
A baseball style cap
Pants with Belt Loops
Running Shoes or Light Hiking Boots
Clothing Appropriate for Climate and Conditions
Rain Gear
Sun Screen

  • Level 1 – 30 min class
    •  Eddie Eagle
  • Level 2  – 45 minute class
    • What to do when adults are NOT around
    • What to do when adults ARE around
  • Level 3  – 1 ½ hour class
    • Safety Rules
    • 7 Fundamentals
    • Hands on

*Parents must sit through classes with children. The level the child starts on is based on parents assessment of child’s basic knowledge of firearms.

This course develops NRA Certified Range Safety Officers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

We are now offering NRA Instructor level courses. Please contact the shop at 618-931-4867 for more information on which courses are available.

Adult & Pediatric First Aid/ CPR/ AED Training

2 year certification through the American Red Cross

Group rates and private classes available